Understand The Benefits Of Yoga With Shailja Trivedi

April 1st, 2015

Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice or exercise that gives a different feeling. Among different types of yoga in Hindus and Jainists, the famous one or best – known is Raja yoga and Hatha yoga.

Yoga practic and classes offering by Shailja Trivedi

Yoga originates from pre-Vedic Indian traditions, which are also credited with the early Sramana movements. Earlier the history of texts describing yoga practices is unclear, differently credited to Hindu Upanishads and Buddhist Pali Canon, probably from a third century BCE or later. Yoga can take on meanings such as contact, application, connection, method, addition, and performance.

Purpose of Yoga

  • There are many yoga classes are also available, Joining yoga classes meanse daily practice, that makes your body more flexible and strong; it can also help to improve the working of the circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system,& hormonal systems. Yoga brings about clarity of mind & emotional stability.

  • Apart from the spiritual aims, the physical postures of Yoga is used to eliminate the health problems, decrease stress and make the bone support in the contemporary era.

  • Yoga can be use as a complete workout program as well as physical therapy routine.

  • The continuous practice of Yoga will lead you to sense the peace, well-being and also a good environment around you.

Follow some Shailja’s simple “do’s” and don’s” can make yoga easier for everybody to get along:

  • Don’t be on time…be early.

  • Be clean.

  • Shaucha encompasses thoughts, actions, and motives as well.

  • Be appropriate.

  • Be content.

  • Give your full attention and awareness in the Yoga classes.

  • Try to spend some time alone to know yourself and things which are going on in your life.

Yoga is also very helpful to attach the person with their inner guidance system”