Know about the Purpose of Meditation and Benefits with Shailja Trivedi

March 24th, 2015


Understand the meaning of Meditation:

Contemplation is a practice of concentrated center upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, development, or considers itself keeps in mind the end goal to build attention to the present minute, lessen anxiety, advance unwinding, and improve individual and otherworldly growth. Meditation can help us to manage stress, our apprehension, our annoyance, and that is extremely mending. We let our regular limit of recuperating do the work.


Meditation Types:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation – A structure in which occupying contemplations and emotions are not overlooked yet rather recognized and watched non-judgmentally as they emerge with a specific end goal to withdraw from them and addition knowledge and mindfulness.

  2. Supernatural Meditation – A method for accomplishing a condition of physical unwinding and mental quiet by the normal practice of an unwinding strategy that involves the reiteration of a mantra to piece diverting contemplations.


Purpose of Meditation:

Meditation is the spirit’s point of view glass. The extreme objective of reflection is to reach past the brain and live in the realm of unadulterated soul. This may not be the objective of the lion’s share of the individuals who ponder. For a great many people, the fundamental object is the lessening of physical and mental push and increasing a certain level of peace of mind. If you reflect and continue with genuineness and focus, you will inevitably come to understand that there is a world past musings. You will have the capability to push your thoughts, and you will find the delight and pleasure that come when the mind is quiet. You will find another sort of awareness, which is past the brain and is not relying on it. In this condition of mindfulness, there are no considerations, no reasoning. At the point when the mind gets to be commonly peaceful, you discover who you are. You find your source. The personality then rises above, and the profound thought shines.


Tips To Get Started With Meditation:

  • Choose a Convenient Time.

  • Choose a Quiet Place.

  • Sit in a Comfortable Posture.

  • Keep a Relatively Empty Stomach.

  • Start With a Few Warm-ups.

  • Take a Few Deep Breaths.

  • Keep a Gentle Smile on Your Face.

  • Open Your Eyes Slowly and Gently.


Benefits of Meditation:

  • lower blood pressure

  • improved blood circulation

  • lower heart rate

  • less perspiration

  • slower respiratory rate

  • less anxiety

  • lower blood cortisol levels

  • more feelings of well-being

  • less stress

  • deeper relaxation.


Precautions for Meditation:

Reflection seems, by all accounts, to be ok for the vast majority. There are, in any case, case reports and studies taking note of some unfavorable impacts. Thirty-three to half of the individuals taking an interest in long noiseless reflection withdraws (two weeks to three months) reported expanded pressure, nervousness, disarray, and despondency. Then again, a large portion of these same individuals additionally reported exceptionally beneficial outcomes from their reflection rehearse. On the other hand, that reflection may not be suggested for individuals with insane issue, serious melancholy, and another extreme identity issue unless they are additionally getting mental or healing practice.





There are no reported reactions from reflection with the exception of positive advantages.

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