About Shailja Trivedi

Shailja Trivedi

Mrs. Shailja Trivedi (Ph.D.) is multi skilled person. She completed her Master Degree that is MHSc Food and Nutrition in 1991. Not just this, she is so eager to learn that she persuade another Master Degree in Yoga in 2009. She has been awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in 2015.

She is implementing all her knowledge and skill in the field of health and nutrition. She is not just a yoga expert in Bhopal, but a dietitian too. She run her yoga classes in Bhopal, through which she provide various ways to keep people healthy and happy not just physically but mentally too. High professionals like doctors, professors, business persons, politicians and Bureaucrats use to visit her yoga classes.

It is beneficial for all of us to be healthy by body and mind when we have such expert like Shailja Trivedi (Ph.D.). We all should spare some time to keep body and mind fit. In this scenario Shailja Trivedi (Ph.D.) has bring the solution of such health dysfunctions such as stress, depression, anxiety in the form of yoga and diet plan.

So, join the health and wellness programs with Shailja Trivedi (Ph.D.) and become healthy and happy!

Shailja Trivedi

Yoga Education & Teachers Training

Yoga education is essential, it is mandatory to learn various asans, as executing an asan in a wrong way may lead to adverse effect on body. Yoga training is must, if you want to take full advantage of it.

Shailja Trivedi

Conference, Camps, Workshops

Conferences are organized to make people aware about the benefits of yoga and healthy diet plan. In yoga camps, participants are made to learn the yoga in the lap of nature; workshops make peoples to know more about yoga.

Shailja Trivedi

Disease & Disorder Management

By performing yoga and follow the diet plans, one can easily cope up with various disorders such as stress, anxiety, over thinking. Yoga is so powerful that it can overcome various life threatening disease also.

Shailja Trivedi

Books, CDs, DVDs, Courses

There are many books available that contains various yoga methods, diet related knowledge, health issues and dealing with them. CD's and DVD's are also that contain method of executing various yoga exercise.