Shailja Trivedi (Ph.D.): Join Dietitian, Yoga & Meditation Classes In Bhopal

Find Your Balance

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People are concern about, how to bring balance in life? How to manage the personal and professional life? In today's scenario, people has no time for themselves as well as for the people they are connected with. Balance in life can be achieved once we are able to manage the physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional aspects of life.

Breathe and Relax

yoga classes in bhopal

We have forgotten, how to breathe correctly! We are forgetting enjoying the zeal of living. We need to manage our thoughts and priorities in life, need of relaxation is essential. Our brain in indulge with many thoughts and tensions, all we need is, to take some time to breathe and make our mind and body relaxed, so that oxygen can reach up to brain and every cell of our body and can make its actual impact in one's system.

Your Practice

yoga classes in bhopal

Our practice of living contain a healthy diet and schedule. Proper time to wake up, whole day work and food and correct time to take rest. All this must include time for family, friends and also for ourselves, the hobby which brings relaxation and calm in mind.

Welcome visitor! Shailja Trivedi (Ph.D.) is a skilled dietitian and a meditation expert in Bhopal, India. She will make you learn the meditation, the basic concept of meditation and how to perform it, where to perform it. She is well known dietitian too, who has a great knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat.

A balance diet makes a person well built, mentally and physically healthy while through meditation, we could get the inner peace of mind, more concentration, focusing power which, ultimately results in better performance in professional and personal life. Shailja Trivedi helps people to stress management by yoga and diet. She is one of the most skilled dietitian in Bhopal

Yoga and meditation when practiced together, it provides strength for mind, body and improves overall fitness. Shailja Trivedi can help you learn many styles of yoga combine meditation with the physical routines, which use controlled breathing throughout the yoga poses. Yoga and mediation are helping people to overcome from depression, managing stress and many other mental and physical problems. Also, both yoga and meditation, when used consistently, have proven many health benefits.

There are many yoga classes in Bhopal, which enables people to learn yoga through which, they maintain their physical fitness. Shailja Trivedi also provide you stress management session, ways to overcome depression, anxiety, yoga sessions and dietary plans under one roof. Nowadays, yoga has become essential for everyone, so join today Shailja Trivedi and live a happy life!

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